Amigurumi Crochet Dog Patterns

The most beautiful amigurumi dog toy models are waiting for you. Amigurumi knitting toys are quite beautiful and as healthy playmates you can safely play games for your children. Each of our Amigurumi knitted toy dog models are beautiful and very easy to knit. web site of the most recent models of the latest version of the content you can easily access to make the content.

Crochet PATTERN puppy /amigurumi dog / pdf tutorial dog / pattern in English

Crochet PATTERN Dachshund / amigurumi dog / pdf tutorial dog / pattern in English

Crochet PATTERN Amigurumi Leonardo the poodle / Dog toy Pattern PDF

Amigurumi Pattern: Leonardo the poodle

Crochet PATTERN: Amigurumi Persephone the poodle / Frankenweenie dog toy Pattern PDF

Goofy 12 inches – PDF amigurumi crochet pattern

Amigurumi Pattern: Goofy 12 inches

Basic Dog Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Henry The Amigurumi Hound Dog Crochet Free Pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Dog Scottish Terrier Free Pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Dog Max Free Pattern

Amigurumi Lotte from Gadgetville dog girl free pattern

Amigurumi Doberman Pinscher Dog Free Pattern

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    1. Stephanie Bulluck

      Look at my pin boards. (Southern pm hooker) I have a board that’s named amigurumi & 3-d. It has over 1.3k patterns saved there’s some dogs in there

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